Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Hour of Code and the Coder Express

Tis the season for...CODING! December 8th through the 14th marks a celebration of computer programming known as the Hour of Code. Last year celebrated the Hour of Code with tens of millions of students and teachers all learning to code. Programming and coding jobs are the wave of the future and Pond Cove and many other elementary schools want to set our students up for success.

Starting Monday Dec. 8th, students in grades K-4, along with their teachers, will learn what coding is and how to code. We will first learn what code actually means, and we will then try to "code" a student to turn the lights off in a classroom. Students will then use apps to learn the basics of coding. Kindergarten and first grade students will use the free app Kodable.  Second grade students will use the free app Scratch Jr.  3rd and 4th grade students will use the free app LightBot.

On Tuesday, December 16th we are happy to invite families to "The Coder Express"--a Polar Express Themed coding event from 6:30 - 7:30pm in the Pond Cove / Middle School Cafetorium.  We will be celebrating our week of code by putting on our favorite pajamas, bringing a stuffy or pillow, and spending an hour teaching our families how to code. Families will receive an iPad to use during their hour, which will have the apps already loaded.  Families will also receive a bookmarked page leading to and their hour of code activities. Tech Elves will be available to help with any technology needs, and the PCPA will be offering hot chocolate and cookies.

Please follow the links below for each of the free coding apps we will be using as well as the link for Hope to see you all there. Merry Coding and a Happy New Year!

Kodable App for K-1
Lightbot App for 3-4
Scratch Jr. App for 2nd Grade

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  1. We are so lucky to have you here at Pond Cove school! You are a rock star, and we all love you. Congratulations on such a huge success!