Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Spotlight App for October

This year I will be starting a new series of Blog Posts concerning a different spotlight App every few weeks. At Pond Cove, we now have 2:1 iPads in every classroom. Our folders include ELA, Math, Math Tools, Google, Coding, Testing, and my personal favorite Creation.

One of my favorite apps in the Creation folder is ToonTastic. ToonTastic is an awesome digital storytelling app, free on the app store, which has recently been purchased by Google. With the purchase, all of the best features of ToonTastic are now free!

ToonTastic is a wonderful integration app for all subjects. In writing, it helps students to review key terms like conflict, and resolution. In Science, students can explain key concepts like this video about momentum. In Social Studies, students can use the History Characters, or even create their own, to help explain important figures or events throughout time.

Please comment or email with any questions or thoughts. The first November spotlight app will be Skoolbo.

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  1. Toontastic is one of my favorite all time apps as well! I share it with as many teachers as I can. I developed a few resources for it that you are welcome to share or modify. They are at the bottom of my blog post at There's a storyboard worksheet for younger students and a different one for older students. I also gathered all the characters and scenes in a single file that can be printed and shared with students so they can see all the possibilities BEFORE they start writing.