Monday, February 1, 2016

MineCraft in Education? Absolutely!

The blog spotlight app for the month of February is not necessarily an app but is the widely popular program MineCraft. Pond Cove Elementary school has recently purchased MineCraft EDU, the educational version of MineCraft. We are happy to join Falmouth Elementary, Waynflete schools, and others, as a southern Maine school beginning to utilize this tool.

To learn more about MineCraft EDU follow the link below:

At this time, we are piloting the program with a small group of 3rd graders who are recreating ancient Egypt. The 3rd graders choose a topic based on the class curriculum of Ancient Egypt, created and answered the guiding questions for their research, and researched the topic during class time. Instead of a poster or art project, the students choose to display their work in MineCraft EDU. Later this week students will be using QuickTime to create movie recordings showcasing their work, relaying their research, and explaining the process they used to recreate each topic. My blog will be updated once videos are complete.

Throughout the process of piloting this app, we have been in contact with a very helpful group of 4th and 5th-grade students from Waynflete in Portland. They have been using MineCraft in school for a couple of years now and were able to give us lots of advice about using it and sharing it as an educational tool. For more information about how they are using MineCraft EDU please visit their blog below.

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