About Me

A little about me...

I was born and raised here in Maine, and went to grade school in Scarborough. When I graduated high school I attended the University of Maine in Orono, where I received a BS in Elementary Education. My girlfriend and I at the time (later my wife) both wanted to become teachers so we applied all over the United States. The first place to call us back was Las Vegas! They even flew to Portland, Maine to interview us. We taught in Las Vegas for seven years during which I taught 4th grade for 5 years, and Technology K-5 for 2 years. I was part of a new school opening and served as a team chair for 5 years. Our family is thrilled to be back in Maine, especially our 3 year old son, who missed his Grammy and Grampy. Our black lab is quite happy as well, he didn't really like the 110 degree weather.

Hobbies and Interests

I love to be outside. My family and I enjoy hiking, running, any and all sports and sporting events. We love to go to Sea Dogs games. I also have a soft spot for video games.

Personal Goals

It is always good to have goals. My goal is to find a perfect blend of energy, enthusiasm, and levelheadedness. It may sound like an oxy-moron, but I think it can be achieved.

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