Curriculum, Security and Digital Citizenship

The idea of being a good "digital citizen" is an important one in the 21st century. Students here at Pond Cove are using Common Sense Media, as well as having conversations with students at other schools, in order to further understand this important topic. Please visit the links below to preview what our students are learning as well as see some of the resources we are using to learn how to be good "digital citizens".

Here in Cape Elizabeth our schools, homes and community believe in Community, Academics, Passion, and Ethics. This rings true in all aspects of education, but especially in Technology and the 21st Century.

Community - It is important in the 21st century for learners to realize that community includes local, and global community.
Through the use of Twitter we can further Home-School communication and improve the sense of community at the local level. Parents will have an eye into the classroom. This will also introduce social media to learners in a responsible and educational format.
By using the program Skype learners can begin to communicate with global communities. Discussions between classes will concern school subjects and materials as well as cultural similarities and differences.

Academics - We can use the tools of the 21st century to further academics through engaging resources and varied learning experiences. 
The free educational game Skoolbo has over 400,000 literacy and numeracy questions. Learners move through these questions at their own level and speed, creating differentiated learning at its finest. Learners can use the program inside and outside of the classroom.
Pond Cove uses Google Apps for Education accounts for all learners K-4. These are educational accounts to be used for school work only. Benefits include Google Drive, a digital portfolio containing work that will go with learners through all grades. Learners can create individual documents, presentations, and spreadsheets to enrich and engage their learning. Learners can also share and collaborate with teachers and peers. Google Apps for Education can also be used inside and outside the classroom.
All technology based curriculum decisions at Pond Cove, will first take into consideration the motto, mission, and vision for Cape Elizabeth Schools. Decisions will then be based upon the NETS standards.

Passion - Technology lends itself perfectly to personal investment, creativity, and individual expression.
Each learner has a personal Google Apps for Education account. This account allows the learner to express creativity through writing, drawing, and presenting.
The program KidPix can be found on all lab computers and is widely used by learners in Kindergarten and First grade. The program is like art class on the computer and helps learners bring our their creative side for all subjects.

Ethics - The world has evolved into one that requires learners to have integrity, responsibility, empathy, and respect not only has a citizen, but also has a digital citizen. The technology has become an extension of the world. 
Here at Pond Cove we will be teaching learners to be respectful Digital Citizens through lessons from Common Sense Media. Lessons will include password safety and security, cyber-bullying, internet safety and more.

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