Daily Five

This is where you can find all sorts of links and other useful things to help enrich the daily five reading "strategy".

Fourth Grade Word Work

Spelling City Website

Figurative Language
Figurative Langauge Basketball
Figurative Language Baseball

Parts of Speech
Grammar Gorillas
Panda Mayhem
Word Invasion
Parts of Speech Quest

Inferring Videos
Rags to Riches Game
Games at the bottom of the page

Proper and Common Nouns
Proper and Common Noun Basketball

Preposition Desert
Preposition State Fair


Two Adverb Games
Adverb Hangman
Adverb/Sentence Matching
Race the clock to make the Adverb

Open and Closed Syllables
Syllable games
Syllable Factory Game
Open Syllables Games

Prefixes and Suffixes

Consonant +le Syllables
R-controlled Vowel Syllables
Final e syllables

High Frequency Words for 4th grade
Popcorn Sight Words
Spelling Lessons

Non Fiction Text Features
Non Fiction Rags to Riches Game
Several Games for Review

Syllable Division Videos

Vowel Team Videos

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