First Grade

Welcome first grade students! I am excited for all of you to become technologists this year in the lab. A technologist is someone who works with, and is very good at computers. I have no doubt that no matter how much computer experience you have, by the end of the year, you will all be technologists. Please click on the links to view some interactive sites that will help with math, reading, writing, social studies and science.

First Grade Math Links
Everyday Math
Counting Money
My School House Counting Quiz

Addition to 10
Hoot Math
Drop Math
Math-o (Math Bingo: choose easy)
Number Lines to 10

Skip Counting
Skip Counting 2's Fill in the Blank
Connect the Dots Skip Counting by 2
Connect The Dots Skip Counting by 5
Skip Counting 10's Duck Shoot
Fruit Shoot Skip Counting
Balloon Pop Skip Counting

Time to the Nearest Half Hour
Match the Analog and Digital Times
Two Player Time Game
Telling Time to the Nearest Full and Half Hour

Coins in a Cup
Counting Coins Practice
Money Bingo
Peter Pig's Money Counter
Spending Spree

Place Value (Hundreds, Tens, Ones)
Feed Animals Nuggets
Shark Numbers (Double and Triple Digit Numbers)

Greater Than Less Than
Fruit Shoot
Shooting Hoops
ABCya Game
Dive for the Treasure

Balloon Pop Subtraction
Math Baseball
Ladybug Subtraction

Drag a line of symmetry
Fix the Clock

First Grade Reading Links
Vowel Teams
Vowels Go Walking
Picture Match
Long Vowel Words and Pictures
BBC Vowel Teams Home
Roy the Zebra "oa"

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