Fourth Grade

Welcome 4th Graders! This year is my favorite in elementary school, as I have 5 years of teaching experience with 4th grade. Please click on the links provided below to explore some interactive games in all subject areas.

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Fourth Grade Math Links

State of Maine Information

Previous Pond Cove Math Links

Flipped Classroom Video
Quotients Cafe


Quotients Cafe

Lines, Segments and Rays

Line Shoot
Geometry Word-a-rama

Fourth Grade Reading Links
 Noun Basketball
Rats Noun Game

Fourth Grade Science Links

Renewable Energy
Non-renewable Energy
Kids and Energy
Energy Games
Sid the Science Kid
Forces in motion Lessons
Motion Powerpoints
Video about Forces in Motion

Brain Pop Matter Sorter
Study Jams Matter Video
Changing States Game
Solids and Liquids
Reversible and Irreversible Changes
States of Matter Neo K-12
States of Matter Sort

Simple Machines
Museum of Science and Industry Simple Machines Game (iPad)
Simple and Complex Machines
Catching a Burglar with Simple Machines (iPad)
Learn about Simple Machines with EdHeads (iPad)

Fourth Grade Social Studies Links
Your life as an Immigrant with Victoria Confino
Geology and Landforms
Landforms with National Geographic
Cool Landforms Website

State of Maine
Secretary of State Maine Kids Page
Ducksters - State research page
Maine info at 50 States
Maine Map Collection

Fourth Grade Writing Links
Power Proofreading
Proofreading at Spelling Connections
Proofreading Practice

  Notes Turn In

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