Google Apps For Education

Dear Parents and Students,

This year at Pond Cove all students will receive the opportunity to create documents and presentations etc. without having to worry about which type of computer they are using or the location of the computer. Just imagine, students can work from anywhere on any device, as long as there is an internet connection. Students can work from the beach or even from Grandma’s after dinner on Sunday.
Our school department has been using a free software package called Google Apps for Education (GAFE). There are many tools and applications within this package including presentation software, spreadsheets, and word processing. All of these tools are designed to help our students create and collaborate. This year students K-4 will be using Google Drive to create and share documents at Pond Cove. These accounts will move with them through the grade levels. All created work will be saved securely in the cloud. It will be incredible to watch students “look through” their digital portfolio as they move up in grades.
Each class will spend time in the computer lab, with me, learning how to safely log in and out of their google accounts. This work is viewable for parents and we are asking students to share and show off their projects. We want you to be involved with your students education and we encourage you to log into Google Apps For Education to see what it’s all about. Students and teachers will work together on the creation of documents, presentations, and drawings.
For our elementary learners, email will be contained within the Cape Elizabeth domain. This means email will be limited to teachers and students here in Cape Elizabeth. The external email function of the Google Apps for Education has been disabled so students can not send or receive email from outside the capeelizabethschools domain. Leaving the internal email function active will allow for collaboration and communication between teachers and students.
While Google Apps for Education accounts are accessible from home, Google Apps for Education accounts are for school use only. We will spend significant time talking about safety and security, as well as the responsibilities that come with each account. Students should not consider Google Apps accounts to be private. Cape Elizabeth School Department administrators are able to access accounts when needed and have the right to monitor Google Apps account usage and deny access.
This is an exciting opportunity for collaboration and communication in the 21st century! If you have any questions or concerns, my contact information is below. You may also wish to visit this FAQ page from Google which may answer many of your questions.

Thomas Charltray
Technology Teacher/Integrator
Pond Cove Elementary School

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