Here you will find an ever growing list of integration activities and ideas going on at Pond Cove Elementary School. The activities will be arranged by grade level, but could work for all grades. If you see something you would like to know more about please email me:

All Classes:
Google Passwords - Starting slowly, one class at a time, we are working on changing our passwords for our google accounts. I am working with the students on the importance of passwords and what strategies to use to make good, safe passwords. 

Skoolbo - Again, slowly, and one at a time, students and teachers are learning how to use the Educational game Skoolbo. Please visit to find out more about the program and download the free program or free app. 

iPad introduction - I was invited into kindergarten classes to "introduce" the iPads to the students. I helped navigate a couple of apps and some encourage some exploration. I am looking forward to getting back in the classrooms for some more iPad integration. 

Using KidPix to help with skip counting - We watched some videos about skip counting by tens, and then practiced orally. The students then created a KidPix project with animated numbers to practice the order of our skip counting.

Rhyming reinforcement - Students watched a "rhyming rap" video on my website, and then learned how to play some rhyming games at Our favorites were Monkey Match and any game with Red from Super Why

First Grade:
KidPix how to movies - Students are hard at work turning their how to books from class into how to movies. We are using the program KidPix, and the drawing, typing, and voice recording tools to record and illustrate our how to books.

Place Value Practice - Students viewed two place value movies (talking about Hundreds, Tens, and Ones) and then played a few Place Value games from my website.

Second Grade:
Smart Notebook Lessons - Teachers emailed me about finding some smart notebook lessons that went with US studies, as well as punctuation. I found some great lessons at Smart Exchange and am eagerly awaiting a team teaching opportunity. 

Lab Time - Teachers have brought their classes into the computer lab for an introductory lesson on working in the technology lab. Teachers have also followed up with a lesson on math games that can be found at my website. 

Google Earth - With the study of the 7 continents as a year long social studies concept, I was able to go into classrooms and team teach the 7 continents using google earth. We zoomed in and out of the continents and their famous cities and landmarks. Students were encouraged to identify the similarities and differences between the seven.

Google Accounts - Teachers are bringing their classes in to learn how to log in to their google accounts. After login, students are creating a one slide google presentation about themselves. They are practicing editing text, changing layouts, and inserting images using a kid friendly search engine. They will then use these skills to create a Presentation about a US Symbol.

Google Drawing - Students learned about the google drawing component of the Google Apps for Education. We will be working on creating text boxes for chapter headings as well as hand drawn illustrations.

Google Maps Street Views - Second grade students are learning about Australia and have come into the lab for an Australian lesson. We spend some time looking at the sites (panoramic views), and then students go to their computers and visit my second grade page. Here they travel to Time For Kids and National Geographic For Kids to research Australia further in depth.

Third Grade:
Daily Five Check In - At the request of teachers, I created a daily five check in. Students drag their picture to the "station" they are working on for the day. The Check In is a week long template so that teachers can keep an eye on who is where for a week at a time. 

Lab Time - Teachers brought their classroom into the lab for an introductory lesson on working in the technology lab. The following week we taught a lesson on math games that can be found at my website which help enrich basic operation knowledge.

Team Teaching Subtraction - I have worked together with teachers to help enrich math instruction through technology. Students come to the lab and use online math tools (base ten blocks), to demonstrate the idea of regrouping in subtraction problems. We team teach the concept and the technology, and then work together to make sure all student needs are met.

Google Accounts - Teachers are bringing their classes in to learn how to log in to their google accounts. After login, students are creating a google spreadsheet, where they will take data collected in class (what is your favorite candy) and enter it into a spreadsheet. Once the data is entered students will create and insert a bar graph to help analyze the data. 

Google Earth Trip to Egypt - Classes are coming in for an introductory lesson on Google Earth. We are learning how manipulate the program and find certain locations. Students are then journeying to Egypt in order to get an up close and personal view of their country of study. 

Google Doc for Place Value - Students visited the lab and created a new document with drawings and a table. Students used the google drawing tool and some formatting tricks to create their own place value system and their own number puzzles.

Fourth Grade:
Smart Notebook Lessons - Teachers asked for smart notebook lessons on geometry and common and proper nouns. I searched Smart Exchange and found some great activities including a Geometry concentration game and Jeopardy, which the students loved!
Fourth grade teachers asked for a Jeopardy game to help review ecology and Robinson Woods with her students. I downloaded the game from Smart Exchange and we worked together to enter the questions and answers. The students had a blast answering the questions and even thanked us both at the end of the day.

Lab Time - Fourth grade teachers have been into the lab during the first few weeks of school. All have come in for different reasons, but I have been able to help integrate each time.
  1. Students and teachers came in to use Tagzedo, an online site that takes written words and forms an object that highlights the most often used words in a paragraph. Those Tagzedos are on display outside their classroom.
  2. Students and teachers came in to learn to use Google. Students logged into their google account, navigated to Google Drive, and create a doc. They typed their surveys into their doc and added a picture of the interviewee using photobooth. These creations will be on display for open house.
  3. Students and teachers came in to follow up with a common and proper noun lesson. I showed the students how to locate my website and they played some interactive common and proper noun games, to help reinforce the skill. 
Google Accounts - Fourth Grade teachers are using google accounts in the classroom to have students type drafts of fiction stories. Teachers are using the share feature of google to read and make comments on student work. Students are even working at home to make sure their assignments are getting done (and they are really enjoying the comments.)

Famous Mainers - Students came into the lab to research some famous Mainers and choose one for their project. Students created a google doc that they had open alongside their internet screen. They used the doc to type notes about the famous Mainers they were researching

Allied Arts:

Media Center - To help during the book fair, I was asked to find alphabetizing sites where students could practice that skill. I created a page on my website so that students could not only practice in the lab but at home as well.

Health and Wellness - Students are creating a reflective writing about a documentary they have seen in class. The documentary "What's on your plate?" was created by two 11 year old girls in New York City. We worked together to log students into their Google accounts and create a document in google drive. Students can now "share" this document with the Health and Wellness teacher for comments and editing.

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