Welcome to your first year of school! I am so excited that I will be teaching the two full day kindergarten classes. We will be working together to learn all about computers, how they work, and how we can use them to make learning even more fun. Click on the links below to explore some of the fun interactive sites that go along with what you are working on in school.
Kindergarten Mouse Practice

Kindergarten Reading Links

Rhyming Games at PBS kids

Vowels Practice

Reading Links

CVC Words
Word Wheel

Sight Words
Memory Match with Sight words
Make a Match with Starfall
Monkey Pop
Making Matches

Kindergarten Math Links

Skip Counting By 10's

Balloon Pop Math
Learning Planet (The Counting Game)
Ghost Counting by 5's


What Coins are these?
Color these Coins

Addition Practice
Adding with Pictures
Mathman Addition Practice
Marble Math

Adding to 10
Shoot the numbers and add to 10
Matching Math Balls (Difficult)

Sorting Shapes with Curious George
Shape Shoot

Kindergarten Science Links
Pork 4 Kids
Thirstin's Water Cycle
Mr. Davies Water Cycle Video
Enchanted Learning
Smithsonian Virtual Tour

Hammerhead Sharks @ Nat Geo for Kids
Tiger Sharks @ Nat Geo for Kids
Great White Sharks @ Nat Geo for Kids
Bull Sharks @ Nat Geo for Kids

Kindergarten Social Studies Links
Learn Spanish

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