Rain Forest Webquest

Rain Forest Exhibit
A Second Grade Webquest

The York Wild Animal Kingdom would like to open a new exhibit all about animals of the Rain Forest. They can't decide which animals to add and have turned to you, the experts, to teach them about the different choices.  They would also like to have an exhibit about how and why to save the Rain Forests.

Over the next few sessions, you will research an animal of your choice, that you feel would be a great feature at the Rain Forest exhibit.
Task #1: You will learn all about the animal you chose. 
  • What does your animal look like? (Size, color, important features) 
  • Which layer of the rainforest does your animal live in? (Describe the layer)
  • What does it eat? What eats it? 
  • What other interesting facts can you discover?
Task #2: When your research is complete, you will team with another student to create a 30 hands project about both of your animals. Each student is responsible for one slide about each of the researched areas.  
Task #3: When the slides are complete, students will work together to create a Venn diagram to show the similarities and differences between your animals. 
Task #4: The last few slides of the project will be a Public Service Announcement teaching people how and why to save the Rain Forests. 

Stage 1: Use the link Rain Forest Animals to help choose which Rain Forest animal you will research. Once you have made your decision you can start your research. Use the organizer from your teacher to help with your work. You can use the sites from the link Rain Forest Animals or try searching for information. If you decide to search, type the name of your animal and the "facts for kids" to help make your search more kid friendly.
Stage 2: When you and your partner are done your research, 


Webquest Journal

Plants: Use the websites below to help with Plants Day 2




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