Second Grade

Second graders will be learning all sorts of new things this year. I look forward to working with you in your classrooms and in the Creation Station. Please click on the links provided below to play some interactive games.

Second Grade Science Links
Light and Shadow interactive game
Human Sundials


Second Grade Math Links

Splat Square
Two Player Geometry Game
Shape Facts
Shape Sort
Brain Pop Jr. Video on Shapes
Learn about shapes with Mr Mumble
Rocket Ship Shapes

Addition with more than 2 Numbers
Addition with 3 numbers
Rocket Ship Addition with 3 Numbers

Flash Based Games
Clock Shoot
Set the Clock Penguin
Bedtime Bandits
On Time (4 Levels Very Accurate)
iPad Games

YouTube Videos


Counting Coins Practice
Money Bingo
Peter Pig's Money Counter
Spending Spree

Sheppard Software Page
Fractions Pizza
Fraction Sling Shot
Cross the River
Fractions Golf

Place Value
Place Value Hockey
Sheppard Math Games Place Value Page
Duck Golfing

Beat the Examiner
Walk the Plank
Soccer Match

Second Grade Reading Links
Scholastic Book Flix
Add Suffixes/Prefixes to make a word
Contraction Basketball
Contraction Fly By
Spelling Space Trash
Spell for Surfing Freida
Adding endings to words
Plural House Building

Second Grade Writing Links
Capital Letters
Roy the Zebra Capital Practice (2 Levels)
Magical Capital Practice
Hair Salon Capitals Practice
Magic Wand Capital Letters

Punctuation Practice
Punctuation Quiz

Capital Letters and Punctuation
Using Caps and Punctuation to Communicate with Aliens
Punctuation Paintball
News Station Editing
Proofreading Makes Perfect
Sentence Clubhouse

Second Grade Science Links
Light and Shadow interactive game
Human Sundials

Second Grade Social Studies Links

African Animal Research
Nat Geo for Kids
San Diego Zoo Mammal Page
Active Wild African Animal Page

National Geographic For Kids
Time For Kids

U.S. Symbols
Interactive White House Art Tour
Virtual Statue of Liberty Tour

Rain Forest

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